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Coats Canada Goose

CanadaGoose is Canada in the 1970 of the 20th century produced the red down parka,produced by CanadaGoose beginning as those between Antarctic station team for theirequipment, they were forced to put CanadaGoose in accessible places, canada goose kensington parka women navy , in order to escapethe plane crash with it against the cold.

Today, Canada Goose sent grams coat in Milan, and Paris, and Dallas and Seoul everywhere, these had of adventure team uniforms, after contemporary designer of constantly improved, has from bloated of image metamorphosis into has fashion favorite, especially since 1997 was third generation head Dani Reiss took over Hou, Canada Goose overseas market gradually expanded, past more than 10 years between sales growth 4,000%, currently income 300 million dollars, products marketing more than 50 multiple national and area.

Canada Goose recently launched the first promo Out there in the world, in the Out there,five explorers in the harsh Arctic environment respectively has been the polar bearChase, plane crash, falling into the Ice Cave and a series of challenges, canada goose lightweight sale ,  but becausethey were wearing thick Canada Goose coats, so safe.

Canada Goose has been producing high quality, high prices, and is famous for its simpledesign, even a lot of adventure lovers as a Canada Goose as a status symbol to have!Russia President Vladimir Putin and other politicians are its core fans.